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Because Blaine knows Sam’s comment was B U L L S H I T

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"I should stop having sex with Blaine? Sam, that is THE WORST THING YOU HAVE EVER SAID. Fucking EVER. Have you seen his ass, Sam? Have you? He doesn’t need your goddamn bubble panties because my man’s got the sweetest, juiciest ass in this entire motherfucking city. He’s BURSTING out of his pants, Sam, do you realize that? So watch your goddamn mouth in my presence, Sam Evans, because if you dare suggest that I refrain from fucking that sweet ass ever again they will never find your fucking body."

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I just don’t understand why people focus on hate. If you don’t like something, that’s fine, but you should respect that some people do. Respect it and move on. Focus on something you actually like. You’ll be happier and you’ll make the world happier

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Glee Performances

5.15 Bash: ‘Not While I’m Around’ - Blaine Anderson

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side note: they’re not going to break Klaine up so calm down

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god fucking bless chuck tbh. just thank god darren has chuck, and other people like him, in his life. those are the people that are going to keep him grounded, who are going to be like "bro, this isn't you" when they see shit like picture perfect girl. darren needs people like chuck at this point in his career.
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in this world where darren is literally surrounded by people who only want things from him, by people who try to tell him who he needs to be and what he needs to do, he still has people in his family that are looking out for him, not the money he can make them. and thank fuck for that.

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INTERVIEW: Darren Criss for INDIE Magazine

Exclusively for INDIE magazine Criss sat down with us and we found out more, bringing the lyrics of his song ‘Human’ to the forefront: “Why do I have this incredible need to stand up and say - ‘Please pay attention?’”

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